Westar Services 2

Trucking Services Whitecourt

At Westar Services 2, the satisfaction of our customers matters to us more than anything else. Located in Whitecourt, Alberta, we started in 1993 with a one-log truck and have continually expanded our operations to an entire fleet of state-of-the-art equipment and machinery to meet the demands of our industry. Our experienced staff has done a commendable job in the last two and a half decades. What’s more? We have always exercised our commitment to safety, enabling us to serve our customers’ evolving needs efficiently, without compromising quality.

As a diversified supplier and transporter of construction materials, we are also involved in road maintenance and construction field services, including commercial and industrial land grading, land reclamation, oil field lease sites preparation, aggregate supplies, log loading and hauling, snow removal and various other related services, making us a leading construction and aggregate supplier in the Northern Alberta region today.