Trilogy Oilfield Ltd.

Down Hole Oil Tools Provost

Down Hole Oil Tools Provost

1-780-753-6097 Provost
1-306-842-3322 Weyburn
1-306-460-4799 Kindersley

We are an established provider of Oilfield rental tools with full time operating units in Provost, Weyburn, and Kindersley. We also provide seasonal and project specific stations in Fort St. John, Fort McMurray, LacLaBiche and others as customers require. Further to our stations we follow the adage “have tools will travel” and are not averse to giving breaks for delivery kilometers to facilitate our presence on location.

In the way of a brief history, the company was formed in 1994 with a simple goal, build the company by reinvesting earnings in tools that fit our customers needs. Good fortune smiled and the fledgling company has grown into a multi dimensional service provider capable of delivering results in areas such as drilling, completions, remedial fishing, coiled tubing drilling, coiled tubing fishing, through tubing services, production services and service rig rental tools. (see our products page for a better overview). The mobile design of our trailer mounted equipment has the customers best interests at heart, few third party delivery charges are associated with our services. Self sufficiency in this matter allows us great flexibility in meeting the demands of our clients and is critical to our value added approach.

In an age where competence and experience are varied in the service industry, Trilogy is still capable of providing experienced on site personnel with valuable first hand knowledge of our industry and its variables.

Our focus has always been to provide great value.. as the legend Warren Buffett is quick to point out… “PRICE IS WHAT YOU PAY VALUE IS WHAT YOU GET”. We like that statement…… a lot!