TKO Rentals Ltd.

Oilfield Equipment Rentals Drayton Valley

Based in Drayton Valley, Alberta, and serves customers throughout Alberta with cost effective oilfield equipment rentals and supporting services through their leasing and rental services program.  These rental services provide support for both drilling and service rigs in need of rig equipment necessary to drill or service oil wells during drilling, regular maintenance, completions, work overs and any other type of rig activity. These rentals include: boilers, heat exchangers, light towers, fuel skids, catwalks, accumulators, environment trailers, combo trailers, office trailers, flameless heaters, rig matting, skid generators, combo trailers, enviro trailers, dry office trailers, wet office trailers as well as various handling equipment and accessories. TKO Rentals, Ltd. are proud to say that their services have always been: reliable, timely and friendly. You can count on them!