Canadian Nitrogen Services Ltd.

Nitrogen Services Alberta

Canadian Nitrogen Services was founded in 2005, recognizing a need in the Western Canadian Market for stand-alone services for onsite N2 generation. After contacting an equipment manufacturer to design and build their very first Onsite N2 Generation units, Canadian Nitrogen Services was born.

The company was established from grassroots with the purchase of new equipment and developing a standalone unique service. All procedures, policies, and HSE requirements were developed from the ground up. Today, we are a privately-owned oilfield service company with operations in North America and the Arabian Peninsula. We have built the largest fleet of mobile nitrogen generating units in Canada and Saudi Arabia.

Our Western Canadian operations cover an area from the Northwest Territories, through Northern British Columbia, all of Alberta, and down through Central and Southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba.​​ Our Middle East operations are focused mainly in Saudi Arabia, but also cover Bahrain and Kuwait.