3 Boys Tank & Vac Trucks

Fluid Hauling Fox Creek

3 Boys Tank/Vac Trucks is a mid-sized trucking company that was incorporated in February 1998. We started with just 1 vac truck and 2 brothers, Chris and James McKennitt, and now we have a team of employees, as well as a fleet of tank trucks, vac trucks, other equipment and oilfield rentals. We serve Fox Creek and the surrounding areas. Chris and James are still happily driving trucks and very involved in the business.

Not only are we dedicated to safety in our team and equipment, we go above and beyond when it comes to providing you with reliable and dependable service. Whether you need a tank truck, vac truck, or rental, we can help. For quality experience with an exceptional trucking company, talk to 3 Boys Tank/Vac Trucks.

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